At 89, I figure that my daily ebike ride of 35km on my (EBH ebike) is the thing that is keeps me going in life. Because I am on an electric bike , the headwind that I may be riding into does not stop me , so I get out almost every day. I pedal in a normal way with my ebike, and I don’t feel the undulations of the path or road so much. The bike just helps me over every hill I come upon, so I can just keep on riding. This helps me to keep from puffing away too much and I have time to look around and enjoy the ride. This has helped me with road safety and just having an easy time when starting. I ride a lot more regularly because I have an ebike.
I’ve ride a Sprint for 3.5 years. I went for 18000 kms before I had my first puncture in the tyres with those great Schwalbe Marathon Plus tyres. I pump them to the required pressure and I figure that is a big factor in the lack of punctures.
There are a lot of electric bikes out there, but I will get my next one from Electric Bike Hub in a couple years. The reason is you guys really understand the electronics of your ebikes, and none of the other dealers I have spoken to really understand what they are selling and how to fix it, not that mine has given much trouble.
Paul from Nelson

EBH knows their e-bikes

“ I have to say I am happy with the quality and reliability of the Forza. I have ridden from the Snowy Mountains across to Adelaide, up the Mawson Trail to the Flinders Ranges and back across outback NSW to Tamworth, then back to the Snowies, a distance of more than 5000 km carrying a load of 130 kgs ( bike , gear and rider ).” “I had only 1 puncture the whole way. The Forza was outstanding over all sorts of terrain, bitumen roads, gravel roads, rough rocky tracks along the Mawson Trail and came through with flying colours.”

“As I ride solo and unsupported, it is essential to have a reliable and trustworthy bike and the eZee is certainly that.”
Phil Byrne

Aussie On/off road tourer talks about his Forza

I continue to ride my nine year old Quando every day. After all that time, the old battery still works and I have only had to replace the throttle. i have upgraded the battery and the new lithium higher spec one slid right into the bike. That’s quality!

Dennis Bulloch, Tahunanui

My eZee is like riding tandem with Lance Armstrong.


I tried the other NZ e-bike brands and found them unable to go up my hill. I was just about to order an expensive German bike when the eZee Sprint conquered my hill without problem again and again. I bought it straight away.


Our council went through a rigorous market research and tendering process before choosing the eZee (Sprint 7M from Electric Bike Hub) model. It was selected for safety, strength and for technical features such as the improved technology lithium battery and ease of use for cyclists of varying abilities

Tom Croskery, Palmerston North Council on their small fleet of eZee Sprints that they have operating as courier bikes.

I am very happy with the performance of my eZee conversion on the Wellington Hills, after upgrading from my Wisper bike.


I have been using it every day for work except for last Friday when I had an appointment in Wellington and also needed to get a trailer home from work. So that was the first day I’ve used the car for work this year(!).

It has been excellent with often strong head winds on the valley floor followed by getting up the hill no problem. It is approx. a 170m climb from the base of the hill.
So my work is a 13 km round trip – although I think I need to check the calibration of the computer. 2.5 km of that is up our hill at the end of the day. It has been excellent with often strong head winds on the valley floor followed by getting up the hill no problem. It is approx. a 170m climb from the base of the hill. We haven’t ridden it until it runs out of steam yet, however. So far the most we have done on one charge has been a return trip to work followed by a trip to the library at the bottom of the hill with our 5 yr old on the child seat back down and up the hill again. Our child is about 18kg so at the threshold of what the seat can take.

It seems to do 30km/hr with no pedalling and easily does 35km/hr with a bit of help. (Colin is riding our four year old model; the new model goes 33kph without pedaling)

So an important thing for us has been the flexibility of what we can use it for and with. I have had to remove the carrier it came with and put on the carrier for the child seat. I have also put on front racks as these are the only place for panniers when you have a child seat on. Yesterday we connected up a Trail- gator and took our son half way down the hill to the shops and back. Again no problem, just need to do a bit of helping to maintain 15km/hr up the hill. We have also been along the river trail for a bit with the cycle trailer on the back.

ColinLower Hutt

I have been riding e-bikes for 6 years. For my first two bikes I had kit-set motors attached to the lower hub. The motors were good but there always seemed to be teething problems and in both cases the bottom hubs needed replacing and the bike mechanics thought it was probably due to the uneven strain on the hub. Some say that the bottom hub mounted motors are more efficient, but I have noticed no difference in that regard. I now have an Ezee bike and this is the most problem free and easy bike to ride. I commute up to 200kms per week and with the more powerful new motor, it is a joy. I have tried other e-bikes but the Ezee bike is better in every respect.

Ross KeenAuckland

I have just finished the conversion of a small folding bike and whilst it was not exactly straightforward (because of small forks) I am writing to say that the support and assistance provided by Electric Bike Hub was second to none and the outcome also exceeded my expectations. Thanks again.

Hugh Skinner ARIBA MRIAI NZIA (ret)