inside the Electric Bike Hub tech centre  We are a Nelson and Auckland based, New Zealand company being part of the transportation change we need to see happen. Our distribution hubs are in Auckland and Nelson, but our 25 retail/service centers are located in every regional NZ city. Find a dealer near you. Check out our newsletter EZoomers here.

Owner Jace Hobbs featured in the Manawatu Standard

One little known fact about ebikes is there are recognized experts that lead tech development. These leaders do not advertise on TradeMe, needless to say, and you wont get the quality you want on TradeMe type vendors. While there are many copy-cat companies that follow along and make products that look similar to our e-bikes, take a look at our credentials and our 14 year history in New Zealand.

Our retail/service centers are located in 25 real bike and ebike shops around New Zealand. We are bike enthusiasts, and we all ride what we promote and promote what we ride. We know electric bikes are practical, comfortable solutions to personal transportation, and we lovingly offer them to you to add to your lifestyle, as they have added to ours. We like to get bike exercise, but we don’t want to arrive at a meeting or a party in a sweat. We guarantee what we sell, and we mean it. That’s why we distribute the KineticNZ line of products. We service what we sell, and sell e-bikes that need little service. Join us for a future of energy and monetary thriftiness. The future is electric. We make it easy for you. Jace Hobbs, owner of Electric Bike Hub and sole importer of eZee Kinetic electric bikes in NZ, Has served on the Auckland Council EV advisory board, is the regional director of APEV (Association for the Promotion of Electric Vehicles) and is a board member of the SBN (Sustainable Business Network). He tours NZ with his power-point presentation on the transition of NZ to sustainable transportation (‘Your Future is Electric’), and publishes the EZoomers e-bike newsletter for NZ (over 600 subscribers). He also displays at the major events related to energy efficiency around New Zealand.

At work in the Electric Bike Hub Service Center
At work in the Electric Bike Hub Service Center

Jace, originally from the US, is a permanent resident of NZ and very proud to be contributing to his adopted country. He owned a sports training company in Hawaii teaching windsurfing and beach volleyball for many years and has been hired to train beach volleyball players in the Nelson region as well. Jace is active in social concerns and sports, including mountain biking, beach volleyball, and croquet. He acquired the importation rights for KineticNZ electric bikes some years ago and has never looked back. The business has grown with his full time effort into its development and Jace has been a much published author on the electric bike subject in New Zealand. He continues with expansion of the e-bike offerings and service system put in place years ago, and sees great opportunity and public benefit in his work. . Jace Hobbs and the Team Read about the warranty