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Battery – Lithium Ion (EU Certified) frame mounted *


The newest and most trail oriented  Kinetic electric mountain bike. These feature the V3 300 watt rated motor that just got top award in the Auckland long hill ebike comparison test. This was run by an independent testing agency, and we came in first. Our motor also won two Speci, Germany cargo ebike races and the 2015 Sun Trip 7000km race across Europe. In the Sun Trip race, our 54 year old rider beat all the other younger competitors on various German motors (many using Bosch) by two whole days! Raptors are offered in the ideal configuration for off-road riding and the 38mm wide rimms with oversize 2.35 German Schwalbe Rock Razor tyres simply glide over obstructions. it is our 200 rpm version of the V3 motor that we have upped the torque and sacrificed a bit of top end speed. Even so, it will go about 30 kph without peddling. This is a better machine than the Bosch equipped MTB units and your inspection and test ride will prove this to you. The mounting of a throttle over-ride with the Raptor makes it very much easier to start going uphill than on a mid-drive system and navigating switchbacks uphill is also easier. It also overcomes the inherent limitations of mid-drive eikes, like hard shifting, chain falling off, and damage to the rear cluster, and provides easy servicing and cooler running operation. Please note the race results when making your decision on this. Our Raptor out-performs.

The Raptor represents the best value for off-road electric bikes in the New Zealand today.  Note that the  Raptor is a much upgraded choice from any comparably priced full-suspension e-bike in NZ today. The components are exceptional for a real off-road machine in this price range.  Don’t confuse the Raptor with kit adapted mountain bikes. The frame is specially designed by  Kinetic to carry the weight of the battery, motor and you thru the bush. The over-sized wheels with German kevlar belted Rock Razor tyres increase climbing torque over larger diameter wheels and are assisted by 5 to 1 planetary gearing in the hub. This beats any Bosch system for climbing assist efficiency. The overall weight is low at just 19 kgs (without battery) but this includes the many standard accessories.

The Raptor is the ideal compromise between power and battery capacity and overall weight. E-bikes with more horsepower have to haul ever bigger batteries to go anywhere using that power, and are almost impossible to pedal without power. They are also near-impossible to lift over obstacles or carry. Our 300 watt planetary   geared motor (peaks at over 700 watts) has plenty of grunt to assist you up steep sections of trail, but not so much that you cant go the distance on a regular battery and keep the weight down for regular pedaling.  Kinetic is so smart in this design. The power is also legal on the road, something of great importance.
The suspension fork has lockout feature and adjustable dampening. Raptor rims are custom 38mm wide with spokes of thicker Scanvik stainless steel; The tyres are big knobby German Schwalbe 2.35s with puncture resistant kevlar belting. This is the best quality tyre in the world today. A fully adjustable DNM rear shock, sealed bearings, cartridge bottom bracket, and stainless hardware throughout the bike, complete the package. See the spec table for more details.

The Raptor is for the real world of trails, and the 400 and 540 watt hour lithium batteries feature fully tested (UN38.3) construction. The battery has the capacity and the ride position to melt away the miles under your saddle. Magura hydraulic brakes with motor cut-off switches, provide precise stopping control.

This is not a kit  adapted mountain bike, and not generic Chinese junk; It is designed and built from the ground up by the Kinetic design team, including our NZ EBH owner, to take  on the over-priced full suspension the e-bikes out there.  It is designed to survive the bucking trails you will throw at it.

A trial ride by you would speak a lot more clearly  than any words here can convey. Go ride one for one of life’s great thrills.

Our video  is for the Forza, which is identical  in performance, but not suspension, is attached to this product page. We will add a Raptor specific video soon. Distances traveled off-road on a single charge will vary widely with terrain and rider input. The distances shown may be decreased by lower tyre pressure, higher speeds on knobby tyres, and steep climbing.

These are in-stock and ready for free delivery to any NZ location. We stock them in black or British Racing Green. $70 of free set up time by our service agents and free delivery are included with this bike price.



4 reviews for Raptor All-Mountain by Kinetic ( by eZee )

  1. 4 out of 5

    I rode the Raptor up off-road to the Coppermine Saddle , a full 800 meter climb over a distance of 17 kilometers, with about half the battery to spare at the Summit. This bike makes it possible for an old guy like me to still do the significant uphill biking treks i crave, and the plush ride makes the downhill very pleasant on the body. Murray H.

  2. 5 out of 5

    When I decided to get an e-bike, I decided to go for the most capability I could get. A full suspension MTB cost me more than a round town bike, but good to know I would have a bike that would do anything. I’ve mainly used the Raptor for round-town commuting. I’ve mounted racks front and rear for my grocery shopping, daily pannier commuting and other transport jobs. The Raptor is over-kill for this sort of work, but it is nice to know I can jump curbs, tackle Christchurch quake road potholes and take off-road short-cuts without a second thought. For commuting the road speed is good and I get to work quicker than driving during rush hour. Even after a few months, I just love getting on my Raptor and hooning around town at any opportunity. Despite being a keen cycle commuter, I used to drive most of the time due to the practical reality of turning up to meetings a sweating mess. Now I ride the Raptor everywhere.

  3. 4 out of 5

    The overall package looks, and performs very well indeed.
    The motor feels very strong, with great low torque.
    The components seem to also be very good. Suspension seems good and the brakes excellent. The light is brilliant. I liked the adjustable stem so I could set the handlebars where I wanted them. The tires are great.
    Being 6 foot 3, I could probably benefitted from a larger frame.
    The first ride was 5 ks of uphill to the top of the Longwoods and down. Mostly forestry roads, some steep and rough sections. I easily rode up slopes I would normally have to walk. At the top, I was down to the last 20% of the battery.
    There were two other mountain bikers on the hill. I easily rode away from them uphill, and was just as quick downhill!
    I felt I was peddling too slow going up on the steeper sections; hard on ageing knees; and had to rely too much on the motor. I think I would get a longer range from the battery if I could put more into the peddling uphill, and have asked Pete about the possibility of lowering the gearing, either by changing the front chain ring from the 44 tooth to a 42 or 40. (Pete, it has 4, not 5 bolts). Another possibility is to change the lowest ring on the rear cluster.
    I commented to Jace that on three occasions the motor cut out momentarily, then instantly continued, while going uphill on moderate load. He thinks perhaps I may have accidentally activated the throttle a little. I will watch out for that.
    The handlebars feel too narrow for a mountain bike. I think better downhill steering on tricky terrain would benefit from wider bars. However I will stick with them meantime and see if I get used to them.
    Pete changed the tubes for me, and commented that the tubes provided were very thin.
    I can see that the bike will open up a lot more country to me, and the motorbike won’t get out much this summer.
    I think there is certainly an opportunity for full suspension E MTBs especially for ageing bikers who may have dicky knees and want to keep on riding!
    I will bring the bike to Pete after a few rides for a checkup of spokes etc. He is getting in a spare tube for me.
    Many thanks for a great bike.
    John Moffatt.

  4. 4 out of 5

    Well where do i start

    Great climbing ability
    AMAZING Braking
    Comfortable riding position
    Great gear combination for road or climbing ability

    i took the Raptor for a gentle ride around the Coppermine saddle loop (47 km track with 850 meters of elevation gain) last weekend and it blew me away how capable climbing it was easily reaching 3rd house in just under 45mins the week before on my standard mtb was over an hour and a half,

    the bike bought a great smile to my face passing various people on many different bikes and fitness levels.

    the bike is more than Capable of riding grade 3 trails so don’t think this is only a rail trail bike .

    after riding this and a bosch equipped bike this at the price is a far better bang for buck (yes the more you spend the lighter a bike gets) but a entry/mid leveled machine like this is hard to beat, and with the option to twist the throttle and start on gnarly uphill sections is just another reason to choose this bike

    Below are the things we have changed for this rider from the factory version (Editor note- these are coming standard now)
    Wider bars and non adjustable stem (mainly for more control on tighter downhill sections
    slimmer saddle not a comfort gel style like it comes with (personal opinion)
    and a smaller front sprocket maybe down to a 40-42 t would be a great upgrade

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Suspension Frame " medium/large - 7000 series Al Alloy with rear wheel travel 105 mm"
Suspension fork Moto alloy with 100mm travel Hard Anodized 7075 Stanchion =31.8mm diameter
Rear Shock "DNM AOY36RC XC Trail rebound lockout pressure adjustable"
head stem TDS-D299-8 ext 100 SSABK
Handle bar Zoom TR-Al-2 30ø rise 42 width 630 mm
Head set Al alloy seal cartridge VP AC69AC
Seat Post hardened alloy
Seat clamp Zoom AT-02+SQR-120 Quick release
Saddle Velo Sport Comfort Mountain
kick stand Heavy duty Al alloy
Mudguards guality polycarbonate MTB mudguards front and rear
Spokes Shadar Sandvik T302 stainless steel 36 x 13G (super duty)
Rim Custom Kinetic 38mm wide MTB specific rim 
Tires 26" x 2.35" German Schwalbe Rock Razor  puncture resist  Knobbies - Schwalbe inner tubes and rim tapes
Hydraulic disc brakes Magura  advanced with e-brake switches integrated
Front light ultra-bright Roxim 800 lumen unit driven off main battery</p>
Pedal Alloy antislip
Chain KMC Z99RB Rust Buster rust resistant
Bottom Bracket bearing VP BC 73 sealed ball bearing cassette
Front hub Joytech
chainwheel Prowheel Ounce 248AC 48T Forged AL6061-T6 and 170 mm Al crank
Front chainrings alloy single sprocket 48t.
Freewheel Sprocket 9 speed with Freewheel sprocket DNP LY 1109 HFN 11~36 tooth range
Rear Derailleur Shimano Deore 9 speed
Shifter Shimano Alivio 9 speed.
Motor Kinetic eZee V3 brushless planetary geared motor 300 watt continuous duty (peaks at over 700 watts when climbing)
Controller " Kinetic eZee Controller overload protection 20 amps IRFB 4110 Mosfet" self diagnostic function
Display console eZee KK console LED Multi modes selections- programmable
Sensor Motion sensor 12magnet 2H
quot;Throttle/Grips half gripquot;Throttle Half length FT 76X HT 262 / Ergonomic grips
Battery  LG Hi-density  36Volt  400 watt hour (11 amp hour) or upgrade  525 watt hour (14.5 amp hour) all tested to UN38.3 certification
Charger Hi-Power 3 amps auto cutoff
Range, Up to 45-70 kms per charge (with 14.5 amp hour battery) depending on terrain and rider input and inflation of tyres