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Battery – LG hi-density Lithium Ion (EU Certified) *


This is the cargo bike that went across Australia, carrying the president of Kinetic ebikes and all his traveling gear; 7000 kms pure riding adventure. it has the motor that took first place in the Speci, Germany cargo bike race for both 2014 and 2015 and because of that pedigree will carry you and your precious loads quite handily. Take a good look at the specs as you compare it other bike offers.

Standard Expedirs and the Expedir Alfines are used for tool box hauling, two child hauling, produce delivery, and massive grocery runs. It can take the real world conditions that you are going to task it with. No other cargo e-bike has been more tested and achieved so much. Top drawer wheels, bearings, hardware and accessories make our Expedir an excellent value.

The difference between the standard Expedir and the Expedir Alfine is the addition of the Shimano Alfine internal shifting hub on the rear wheel and Alfine hydraulic disc brakes replacing the Shimano cable pull disc brakes on the standard model. The Alfine version is shown and priced in this spec section, and is the most popular model. We also stock a non-Alfine (hub and brakes) version that is priced 600 dollars less than shown here.

The Expedir is a ‘mid tail’ cargo bike, not as long at the back as a Yuba Mundo but longer than a Yuba Boda Boda. The result is a cargo bike with unrivaled pulling power that’s also easier to handle, quicker to get on and off and can park in places where normal bikes fit. How did it do this? The rear wheel is a 24″ wheel and the front is 26″, allowing the cargo area at the back to be a bit lower which makes for a nicer ride when carrying gear (or rider) and a bike that’s easier to balance.

Another unique trait is the ‘low step through’ (LST) model offered on the Expedir. The LST is particularly useful for getting onto and off with heavy loads or just ease of general use. A common issue with a long tail bike is that with a child on the back a rider might have to tilt the bike over a bit in order to get their leg over the cross bar. The Expedir LST doesn’t have that issue, you can step right over with the bike in its upright balanced position. The internal gearing means the chain can never fall off and shifting from a standstill to any gear is effortless.

We have all the accessories you would want for the Expedir. rear poly basket, front basket, panniers, toddler seat, child pillion seat with handlebars, pillion seat with integrated handholds, expedition panniers,

So who is the Expedir designed for? Anyone who wants to do all their daily activities by bicycles, especially those with some kids who need moving around. The Expedir is a sensible choice for people doing some very normal things, like dropping kids (and their bags) off at school on the way to work, where they need their own bag as well, plus any shopping they need to pick up on the way home. But the Expedir also makes a great touring electric bike. You can easily carry all the gear you would really like on a tour, but never could on a normal bike. This makes cross-continent touring much more pleasant and varied. On-off road operation is very achievable. Plan a varied life with your Expedir, others are doing that today.

In comparison with other electric bikes on the market, the Expedir has a few unique properties:

– best hill climbing out of any electric cargo bike on the market plus full range of battery sizes (11Ah (400 watt hours), 19Ah (700 watt hours) and extra long range 28Ah (1010 watt hours) means this is a very versatile cargo bike for use in any area for any person over many distance, even touring.

Standard features include
– low cargo rack at rear and reasonably short bike overall makes for an easy handling cargo bike.
– Chrome-moly bike tube frame has allowed the low step through design to be made light without compromising structural integrity
– True complete electric bike, not a conversion. This means the battery comes out using the normal flip seat method, doesn’t interfere with cargo space.
– AXA wheel lock fits the frame, lights come integrated with Roxim 850 lumen head light, both tyres
Schwalbe Marathon Plus puncture resistant,
-all standard name brand parts eZee parts used with unbeatable warranty and support.
– Comes standard with double leg kickstand, bike computer and hi-powered LED front and rear lights.

Kinetic/eZee has studied long to produce the worlds most versatile electric cargo bike. Kinetic produced the Yuba electric cargo bike and the Xtracycle  cargo e-bikes for years before designing the best attributes into the Expedir. Electric Bike Hub is proud to offer the Expedir to the discriminating cargo bike user. This bike can do everything that a pedal powered cargo bike can do but just that much easier.The Expedir has revolutionized heavy hauling on a bike. Kinetic (eZee) leads the way in providing you with a business or personal hauling vehicle that is easy on the ecosystem as it saves you heaps of auto bills. Uphill grades are now achievable while loaded, something that had hampered the introduction of cargo bikes to New Zealand. The installed components are excellent and the utility is as unlimited as your imagination. The wheels are very robustly built to take the big loads. The high torque motor powers the front while the rear Shimano Alfine 8 change speedily and silently, ensuring an easy ride in any terrain. Its equipped with superb components from the best suppliers in the world. eZee uses German wheels and tyres, Scandinavian spokes, Shimano Nexus gearing, Shimano disc brakes front and rear, front/rear LED lights, tough mudguards, and a cushy suspended Velo seat. A Cateye computer and German puncture resistant tyres are standard as well, making it a very well-speced e-bike. This bike’s motor has the maximum power allowed and legal under NZ law and you will find it has ample controlled but available power. Imagine a commercial vehicle with no license, no registration and no WOF required; its still a bike. But what a bike the Expedir is. What about touring on this bike? Schedule a test ride today.

$70 of free set up time by a bike mechanic is included with this bike price. Delivery and GST are also included.

2 reviews for Expedir Alfine deluxe by Kinetic (eZee); Dual wheel drive workhorse

  1. 5 out of 5

    I bought the Expedir Alfine Cargo e-bike with a pair of panniers two months ago. I got the bike for local shopping. I can fill the panniers with heavy grocery items and, with very little pedalling effort, get up a fairly step road at about 20Km/hr. As a baby boomer who hadn’t ridden a bike for 50 years, I love the ability to use the throttle and rest while letting the bike do the work. It does about 33 – 36Km/hr on the level. You need to pedal on the steeper roads, but the effort is minimal.
    One particularly useful feature is the AXA wheel lock which comes with the bike. You can buy a separate AXA chain which plugs into the bike lock. This means that you can lock the wheel and chain the bike to a post with a single key turn.
    I love the bike and it has become more than a local shopper. I have a friend who lives 6Km away. I can get there in 12 minutes on the bike and 9 minutes in my car. The bike is more fun to get there and I can take stuff with me in the panniers if needed. Now I’m planning longer day trips – I can pack the panniers with food and gear and have the freedom not to wear a rucksack.

  2. 5 out of 5

    The eZee Expedir, an electric family bike Marion Turner Published: June 7, 2013
    I got the opportunity to try an Expedir, the new pedal-assist electric longtail bike from eZee. The Expedir, a new offering in the eZee range, meets the needs of families looking to move more than one child on a bike. It’s great for the school/childcare drop-off and other short journeys that are better suited to cycling than car usage (such as weekend activities and running quick errands). And using an electric bike makes the average commute so much more enjoyable! The set-up At first our nearly five-year-old son sat in a yepp maxi on the back, with our one-year-old up front in a yepp mini, which is a front handlebar-mounted infant seat. But partway through our trial period we popped in to Glow Worm to get a different configuration for slightly older kids – one where the bigger child is behind the rider on the rear rack with “stoker bar” (handles) and a cushioned seat (so there wouldn’t be the usual structured harness seat). The younger child then sits behind this in the yepp maxi. (As shown in image below.) This second set-up was much easier as my older son could climb on himself while I kept the bike steady (he was a bit nervous at first), and once on the go, you couldn’t wipe the smile off his face! You need to ensure you’re on very stable ground when loading the kids on, for both configurations. You also need to be fully ready to go (bags packed, keys in, helmets strapped on, jacket zipper done up) before loading the kids on. 7/9/13 Print Article: Review: The eZee Expedir, an electric family bike http://www.essentialbaby.com.au/action/printArticle?id=4468746 2/4 The electric factor Being on an electric bike makes the commute so enjoyable. I can tackle those few hill climbs with ease, and move off from the lights with speed and confidence – then there’s the bit of extra “get up and go” to help you zoom along and not feel like you’re holding anyone up. Having an electric bike actually encouraged our family to ride a little further than I would normally agree to on a regular pedal bike, knowing I wouldn’t get all sweaty, knowing how easy the hills are, and knowing the small amount of energy I’d need to use in the return journey after a big day out with the kids. Some may ask what the point is of the electric pedal assist, but in fact you’re still getting out there on the bike, you’re still pedaling, you’re still modelling your active lifestyle to your children. Of course, the obvious benefits of riding a route that would otherwise be taken in a car or by public transport is reduced cost (petrol and parking or travel tickets), reduced time spent in traffic, and increased physical activity. Pros Is a complete e-bike Powerful and strong Comes already kitted out with lights, bike computer, double kickstand and lock Chain guard to protect little fingers and trousers Low step-through frame Powerful throttle and five level power assist Disc brakes. It’s heavy (too heavy to store up any steps/stairs – you need access to undercover storage on one level) Difficult to manoeuver in tight spaces due to its length, width and heaviness (when compared to a regular bike)
    The verdict We thoroughly enjoyed having the chance to try this bike out. It takes a little getting used to, but once you have the hang of it, it’s really fun. I really enjoy riding the commute on this bike: on a regular bike I dread the hills, but with the Expedir, I love them! I see it as a great bike for helping parents manage school/daycare drop-off and pick-up. I can imagine using it to get to weekend swim classes loaded up with all the gear, or for nipping up to the supermarket for the groceries. It’s a bit of a shock to hear the base cost ,but the components are high quality and the power is unsurpassed. When you work it out on cost per use and compare the convenience of being on your own timeframe against the same journey made by alternative methods (that is, car in traffic + parking costs, or public transport delays + ticket cost), divided out over several years, there’s a very good case in choosing this as a viable car alternative.

    eZee Expedir Review.

    I was a lapsed cyclist until the Expedir came along. Now it is hard to get me off it, and I am 32 weeks pregnant. In my 20s I loved cycling. I lived in the inner city suburbs of Melbourne and Sydney and commuting by bike was easy. Add in a baby turned small child and the extra physical baggage said child comes with, and cycling started to feel too hard. After a while it became a distant memory, something I used to do in that time “B.C.” (before child).

    Enter the Expedir. After umming and ahhing with my partner over the cost of the Expedir and whether we would actually utilise it enough to justify parting with the cash I can happily say that it was worth every cent, and then some.

    Why I love the Expedir

    Family bike rides are back on! I never was able to keep up with my partner on the bike even pre kids, but the longer I stopped cycling and the more he kept cycling the larger the gap with our fitness levels became. With the expedir I can carry all the cargo and I just adjust my speed so that I am setting the pace myself. If I want to challenge myself by dialing back on the pedal assistance, then I can. Yes it’s immature but it’s also really fun beating him up a steep hill.

    It also gives me the confidence to cycle longer distances than I would have with a bike/baby seat or bike/trailer set up. One of the things holding me back from using the bike trailer or baby seat on my regular bike was fear that I would get too buggered either on the way to or coming home from an outing. Thus turning a nice jaunt into a chore and something to endure. With the Expedir though every ride is a joy. I work as hard as I feel like making my body work, and if I’m tired on the way home I always know that I can crank up the motor to give me a bit more of a “pedal assist”.

    My three year old son loves it. He’s the envy of his friends too, so much cooler rocking up to the park on an ebike than in a car. If you have a small child this is a much nicer and more interactive way of travelling than in a car. If I give Mr Three the choice of going by car or e-bike his reply is always for the Expedir. I’m in a better mood after the ride, he’s in a better mood, and all round our days are more pleasant when a trip on the Expedir has been incorporated into our routine. Whether it’s riding to a park (with his scooter or balance bike hitched on the side) or the shops or just along a bike path for the hell of it.

    I can carry ALL THE THINGS! Mr Three, a whole load of grocery shopping, or a picnic basket or our swimming bag for the pool. I don’t have to worry about how I am going to squeeze everything into a bike basket or backpack. I can fit my two panniers, small child and milk crate full of stuff easily.

    I like the simple design and that all the gears and buttons and things are intuitive to use. The step through design is perfect for a shorter woman like myself and I can wear a skirt while riding quite happily. I also love the wheel lock mechanism. All you need to do to secure the bike is to slide the locking bar through the wheel and take the key out. If I’ve made it sound complicated trust me it’s not.

    Charging it is easy, even Mr Three can plug it in and often reminds me to do so after we finish a ride! I’m not sure about battery life, I can’t give you exact kms etc (but I’m sure the staff at Glow Worm can!) but I have never had the battery run flat on me doing the things I am doing, which is usually 10-40 minute cycles one way (20-80 minute round trip). I rarely have the motor cranked to full capacity though.

    All this raving, so what’s not so great about the Expedir?

    There is no getting around it, it is a bit clunky and quite heavy. There were a couple of occasions in the beginning when the bike nearly toppled over (with child on board!) as I had misjudged just how heavy it was. After becoming more familiar with the weight and bulk of it though I’ve had no issues and I am a pretty petite person. I think if I can handle it anyone can!

    It’s not really a replacement for your road bike. If you don’t expect it to be, then you won’t be disappointed with things like the heavier steering and general bulky feel of the bike. Think of it instead as a replacement for your second car. If you don’t have a first car then get the Expedir and you will never ever be tempted to buy one.

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    We picked up the Expedir today and it is perfect!!! The boys absolutely love it and it goes really well up the onslow road hill with both boys in tow. We got a LOT of stares and comments and “hellos” as we were driving around the waterfront this morning. In khandallah one couple went around the block twice trying to read what sort of bike it was. (Of course I would have told them happily if they just pulled over).

    I am super excited to take the kids back across town tomorrow. I’m getting the hang of using the throttle and Liam is quite familiar with using the bell 🙂

    Ill take some photos and send them down to you tomorrow. I’ve put one up on facebook and had heaps of ‘likes’ and a few ‘comments’. No doubt more will come in the next few days.

    This is the best purchase I’ve ever made!!

    Angie from Wellington

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Frame Hi-tensile chrome-moly steel with hi-quality paint
Tyres German Schwalbe Marathon Plus puncture resistant 2.00 tyres
Hardware Stainless steel bolts and fastenings used throughout the bike. Only use specific parts are otherwise
Spokes Scanvik 13G Stainless steel
Brakes Shimano Alfine Hydraulic Disc Brakes Front and rear
Bearings "Quality sealed bearings on wheels bottom bracket and motor"
Shifter Shimano Rapid-fire thumb-shifter
Gears 8-speed Shimano Alfine internal hub gearing.
Forks Chrome-moly hi-tensile fork
Handlebars MTB formed handlebars and 3D forged Alloy Adjustable Stem
Chainguard Polycarbonate
Mudguards Full front / rear polycarbonate plastics and stainless steel support stays
Chainwheel "Al Alloy chainring and crank. 48T"
Chain KMD Rust resistant
Stand Steel articulating centrestand
Rear Carrier Integral cargo frame capable of 200 kg total load
Pedals "molded All weather non slip TPE surface Boron steel axle with ball bearings"
Seat Velo Plush Comfort
Seat post Alloy MTB type
Lighting Roxim 800 lumin front LED and steady tailight(Both Powered from Main Battery) -
Electric System,
Interface Gen 2 LED display reads true battery charge level and has pedal assist and throttle override on simultaneously. Weather sealed components.
Motor V3- 300W continuous output (peaks to 700 watts)  Kinetic manufactured Hi-torque Brushless with die-cut Planetary Reduction Gears
Controller High amperage capable controller with self diagnostic LED function. Has "Cruise Control" operation for intuitive rider experience
Battery "36 volt (charges to 40 volts) 11Ah Lithium Polymer battery standard with 19 and 28 amp hour upgrade available. Cells are  hi-capacity with advanced battery management system circuitry"
Charger Alloy Cased 3 Amp output Fast Charger with auto shutoff. Monitors condition of charge for perfect topping up
Computer "Cateye Velo 8 equipped keeps speed distance accumulated distance. Bike interface also has battery monitoring computer"
Maximum Speed "Easily adjustable power up to 34 kph without pedaling Higher speeds with pedaling"
Range Up to 100 klms with 19 amp hour battery; up to  140 klms achievable with 28 amp hour batteries
Power modes 5 levels of Pedal assist mode with throttle override at all times (eZee patent pending).
Bike weight Approximately 28kg not including battery
Frame size Medium/ large frame with adjustable stem handlebars and seat adjustment. fits wide range of heights.
Max rider weight Total of 200 kg payload