John Key on an Electric Bike

john key rides the torq

To our knowledge, this is the first Prime Minister in the world to ride an electric bike. Whether this really is a first, it is a first for us at eZee. Celia Wade-Brown, Mayor of Wellington, New Zealand, let John ride her eZee Torq at a recent trail opening and the PM took off with a smile, but without a helmet. There have had many comments on his lack of protocol with the helmet, and right they are. If we are going to be a nation of laws, then the PM shouldn’t flout such safety considerations. Most PM,s ride in bullet proof cars, but New Zealand’s is a manly man that eschews such safety gear.
Celia Wade-Brown, capital city mayor, recently turned down the offer of a Council purchased BMW and instead rides around on her eZee electric black Torq bike, saving the city $70k. She has been a strong advocate for bike use, and in her re-election victory speech, stated that now Wellington would get the bike-ways that it has needed for many years. With several other new Councilors wanting the same thing, it seems Wellington is on the fast track for bike tracks. Many can hardly wait for their capital city to be bike friendly, but it’s finally happening.