Q: Are these genuine Kinetic/Ezee bikes and not the cheap ripoffs? I have heard of some awful experiences for people who bought an ebike and it was a cheap and nasty one.

A: Yes we are the original Kinetic/Ezee brand, and we are proud to maintain the same high standard of frames and components our customers have come to expect from us. We have been representing the Kinetic/eZee line for 13 years and continue to invest in improvements and new technologies in our e-bikes. There are others that have tried to confuse customers in NZ with similar names for their ebikes. Please dont confuse us with generic Chinese e-bikes. We are not selling this junk.

Q: What warranty do you offer and are parts easy to get?
A: 2 years and all parts and ten years on the frame. Wear parts like brake pads are, of course, not included. We have techs standing by to assist you with any issue you may have. We get asked this a lot because many imported bikes are hard if not impossible to get parts for and this becomes apparent the first time something breaks (which we hear all the time is common on cheaper imported bikes). We use name brand quality components for our e-bikes and that is the reason we win all the Council and fleet buying proposals.

Q: How can I choose the right bike for me?
A: We have a large range of bikes to choose from. Because of this, our dealers are very up to date with specifications for different bikes and riders, and they also have access to our design experts and are encouraged to call us if they have any “curly” questions you may have.

Q: Some bikes have batteries on the back, I notice your bikes have centre mounted batteries?
A: Yes a lot of cheaper non genuine imitations have this. Only our folding bikes have back mounted batteries. Weight balance is important for rider comfort and usability and must be kept low and centered on the e-bike. . A lot of thought is needed to make an e-bike feel like a bike should – to ride.