Cyclists will be safer with Driver-less Cars.

Riding Bicycles will be Safer with Driverless Cars. Jace Hobbs Cars don’t kill people, drivers do! Fear not the driver-less car, bike riders. We tend to forget that the net connectedness of things adapts to all things. We are becoming … Continued

World e-bike experts design the Kinetic line

One little known fact about ebikes is there are recognized experts that lead tech development. These leaders create a lot of copy-cat companies that follow along and make products that look similar to the creations of the leaders. Kinetic ebikes … Continued

Kinetic equipped ebike wins 2015 Sun Trip 7000 km Race

Kinetic equipped ebike wins 2015 Sun Trip 7000 km Race Congratulations goes to Bernard Cauquil (54) in his decisive win at the world’s longest ebike race.   The race goes from Milan to central Turkey and back with several waypoints. Bernard … Continued

EBH attends the Smart Transport Forum

Electric Bike Hub director Jace Hobbs attended the Smart Transport Forum in Auckland this August. This forum is put on by the Sustainable Business Network and is their first focusing on transport solely. In the past, this subject had been … Continued

The Care and Feeding of your Electric Bike Battery

The Care and Feeding of your Electric Bike Lithium Battery. You are the new owner of a 21st century transportation marvel:  your lithium bike battery. Understanding how to charge and care for the lithium polymer battery is easy, but it … Continued

DeBunking Myths about Electric Bikes

Myth 1. At some point,  toxic lithium batteries will just end up in a landfill. Companies are forming now to recycle the valuable rare earth and other minerals contained in lithium batteries. They not only are very recyclable but they … Continued

How Cold Weather Affects your E-bike Lifestyle

One of the sad realities in life besides death and taxes is the performance degradation of batteries in cold weather. Check with battery salespeople about cold weather and you will hear how they are busy with sales at the beginning … Continued

Quit Smoking! Kick the Petroleum Habit.

Many of us just can’t see past the era of the petrol automobile, but fortunately some can. I am sure when we look back on this era, we are going to shake our heads in disbelief. Today, our transportation system … Continued

Defensive Riding Skills for E-bike Riders

 We are fueled by the sun with our lithium powered steeds. We ride fast, even uphill!  We are the new wave of E-bike riders that the roadways have never seen before. We have to accept that we are going to … Continued

Front Wheel E-drive Wins the Day

You will hear ardent advocates of electric assist e-bikes with rear wheel, front wheel or mid-drive systems. Rear wheel advocates claim the riders weight is more pressed on the drive wheel. Front wheel drive advocates note the corrective steering benefits … Continued

John Key on an Electric Bike

To our knowledge, this is the first Prime Minister in the world to ride an electric bike. Whether this really is a first, it is a first for us at eZee. Celia Wade-Brown, Mayor of Wellington, New Zealand, let John … Continued

Overamped E-bikes endanger Us All

E-bikers in New Zealand have a good lot. The far thinking transportation  ministry has given a lot of latitude in the definition of a bicycle and we e-bikers ride on powerful and swift little motorcycles, legally. The legal limit of … Continued