World e-bike experts design the Kinetic line

One little known fact about ebikes is there are recognized experts that lead tech development. These leaders create a lot of copy-cat companies that follow along and make products that look similar to the creations of the leaders.

Kinetic ebikes are designed by two of the world leading experts in e-bike technology. The industry leading electronics are designed by Justin Limere from Grin Technologies in Vancouver. His lab has created much of the leading tech for ebikes and has destruction tested thousands of motors and controllers to ascertain the best set up for these critical modules. His labs research has created the leading ebike electronics and redundant durability is the result. He is on permanent contract with Kinetic for electronic and motor design and quality control systems for their manufacture.

Kinetic e-bike frame design is done by W.W. Ching. He has personally ridden his ebike designs across Africa, across Australia, the full length of the Silk Road in China and major treks in Europe as well. Chings ebike awards include the Cycling magazine ‘Bike of the Year’, Winning the Tour de Presteigne three times, winning the Speci Germany, cargo bike race in both 2014 and 2015 and winning the 2015 Sun Trip 7000 km ebike race across Europe. This most recent race saw his motor/battery design beat the 30 other riders using German brands by two days. A stunning result. His Kinetic designs are chosen by six NZ Councils, by the New Zealand Transport Agency in Wellington and Auckland and by many rental/commercial operations. He is the real-deal electric bike expert.

Together, these two experts lead the design and feild of ebike development. What will they create next?