The Care and Feeding of your Electric Bike Battery

The Care and Feeding of your Electric Bike Lithium Battery.

You are the new owner of a 21st century transportation marvel:  your lithium bike battery. Understanding how to charge and care for the lithium polymer battery is easy, but it will help you have a long and happy life of battery use. This sheet will help you get the most from your purchase.

The technology of your lithium today.    Your eZee battery is a remarkable piece of technology. It will take you quite far, and it will take you with nearly full power until it is completely depleted. It works like a gas tank would and runs just as fast until empty. When it is nearly depleted, the power will fall off rapidly, and your bike will be just a push bike again. The good news is how far you got on so little electricity.

Older technology batteries had memory issues, meaning that small charges diminished their ability to hold a charge.  Your new battery does not suffer from this problem. The best maintenance for the lithium technology is to keep these batteries fully charged.

Whatever you remember about taking care of your rechargeable batteries in the past, today there is a very simple formula for getting maximum utility out of your ebike battery. It’s this simple; plug it in as often as you use it, and keep it fully charged for best longevity. Preferably, charge it every day at the end of your ride.   One of the advantages of this is that when you jump on your bike, the battery will always be ready to go, and it’s easy to achieve this.

Specifics about Charging.  

Storage of your battery. If you do not use your battery for months on end,  give it a top up charge for one half hour every three months. It’s best to store your battery not fully charged, ironically, because there is a small chemical stress on the cells at full charge. So for long term storage, leaving the battery at 2/3rds charge is better.

For normal operation, topping up your battery is handy and gives great range and security for some. Go forth and ride!