Hi Jace, Bike going great, ride it to work every day about 60 kms a week does it easily on one charge. Bike has been fantastic for rehab after knee replacement. I had an Oxford score prior to op of 14/48, 3 months later it was 46/48 and 100/100 for flexibility, can flex my knee through 130 degrees, which is the maximum movement the joint will go through, the aim was to get to 110 degrees which is what is required to descend stairs unhindered. So from my perspective the ebike has been my rehab tool, and am truely thankful for the outcome.. Essentially no pain whatsoever so no pills and no limp. Both the Phyiso and Surgeon as well as the ACC provider commented on my rapid recovery and the hard work I had done to get back to being fully functional after the operation. From a phyisical point of view 70% of that was the ebike the rest was light gym work and walking.

StevePalmerston North

The bike is now climbing everything I throw it at. I’m delighted with the bike so it’s been well worth the effort.

I have a friend coming out from the UK and we are both wanting to use my Sprint bike. I do easily 60km on the bike between battery charges


We tried commuting to work by conventional bicycle but our journeys were just a bit too far to make it practical or pleasant. We thought that electrically assisted bikes might be the answer and had been following the development of electric bikes with some interest for several years. We test rode a few, but they tended to be a bit slow or odd looking. Our first test-rides on Ezee bikes were a revelation compared with previous electric bikes that we had tried. We both wanted a bike that was fast and had a good range, but still looked good and could be ridden like a conventional bike, the Ezee bikes definitely fulfilled that specification.

Our first test-rides on Ezee bikes were a revelation compared with previous electric bikes that we had tried.
My wife subsequently purchased a hub-geared Ezee Forsa and I purchased the slightly more sporty Ezee Torq. We have now been using our bikes regularly for commuting for over 2 years and we have both covered in excess of 4000 miles on them. We now prefer to ride our electric bikes to work rather than drive the car in all but the worst weather conditions. Not only do they make our commutes more enjoyable, it has resulted in a noticeable improvement in our general health and fitness.

A surprising side-effect of becoming electric bike converts is that it has also rejuvenated our interest in conventional bikes, leading us to buy a tandem for leisure cycling and folding bikes for holidays.

During our Ezee ownership, we have been very impressed with the customer support provided by Ezee and we recommend their products to our friends and family.


I hope you have had a busy year, and I am looking forwards to your product developments in the future. I visited OnBike a few weeks ago and tried a few other manufacturers’ bikes. None had the power and robustness of my two year old Forsa; a testament to your design and build quality.

I will continue to champion the cause of eZee and consider myself fortunate to have chosen this brand for my bike.

Happy Christmas and I hope you have fruitful New Year.

Conal O’Rourke

After about 3 years and 4000 Km I am very satisfied from my Ezee Forsa. It brings me easily to work every day along slopes and hills up to 6-8%, helping in keeping my ideal wheight and significantly contributing to my diabetes control.

I choose a two parallel 10 Ah battery solution to prevent excessive voltage decrease under heavy loads. Now I can take full advantage of the high engine power of Ezee bikes for more than 80 km, while preserving at the same time batteries life. Thank you Ezee, you changed my life!

Roberto De SimoneAggregate Professor of Neurology - Headache Centre Director University Federico IINaples, Italy