Quit Smoking! Kick the Petroleum Habit.

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Many of us just can’t see past the era of the petrol automobile, but fortunately some can. I am sure when we look back on this era, we are going to shake our heads in disbelief. Today, our transportation system is so dirty and wasteful in that even in our children’s lifetime we will wonder how we allowed such waste. Our cities have such unhealthy air, the precious resource of fossil fuels is being squandered, and our health is heavily compromised, all for lack of adoption of cleaner, healthier and more thrifty transportation options available to us now.

Of course my favorite example of a winning technology that answers our average transport needs is the electric bike. I use this example because of its extreme thriftiness while doing the same chores as well or better than the conventional car. Electric bikes offer us transport and light to moderate hauling at an energy usage of approximately a 50th of a conventional automobile and for about 100th of the fuel costs. We could see more of these adopted by those who wish to save money and who are environmentally aware.

At last now we have achieved excellent electric vehicle technology, like my favorite electric bikes, that could go a long way towards clearing the air and saving irreplaceable resources. What may surprise the rider of the electric bike is the lifestyle improvements that Ebikes offer that are not possible with a conventional car. The lack of traffic gridlock; the lack of engine idling; the ability to make frequent stops without parking issues; and the ability to talk with people you come upon along the way. In most cases the significant operational savings associated with electric bike usage, allows the owner to work less, to feel more economically secure and stay a bit healthier all at the same time. It’s a remarkable transformation for many, and just a bonus in addition to the reasons that motivated them to purchase the electric bike in the first place.

While new electric transportation options promise efficiency and energy cost savings, they are hard to bring to market without the right political will because they usually cost more initially to purchase. Some countries have made the investments necessary to move towards our new energy future, and we can only hope thereby avoiding the problems we foresee with resource depletion and climate change. We too need to be willing to make the changes in our transportation needs such as adopting hybrid cars and/or electric bikes.

Seldom is there a lifestyle change that we so clearly need to make for ourselves and for the environment which will also save us money at the same time. I submit to you that riding an electric bike has a remarkable list of benefits that you should seriously consider. It could be a win-win solution for you and the environment. It might even make you better looking.