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Great quick attaching shopping/touring pannier that eZee has made. We use these as carry on luggage in airplanes and when arriving at destination, they clip on any virtually bike rack. Extremely versatile design of pannier bag with ;
*padded computer sleve (great for all manner of paperwork, books, tablets.
*waterproof fabric with reinforced stress points.
*adaptable closure of either large clip for shopping etc, or with fully waterproof drawstring closure that makes it into a downpour proof touring pannier.
*rapid clipping mechanism either attaches the pannier or releases it with simple operation.
*adjustable retainer clip on bag bottom folds away for carrying in shopping/luggage situations.
* stiffened back panel keeps pannier firmly in line with bike and out of spokes.

1 review for Shopping Panniers. large capacity

  1. 5 out of 5

    I have found these panniers most useful. I have used them to carry a whole week’s groceries for two people, including several 3 litre bottles of milk, plus my wet-weather plastics and the lock. They are sturdy and well equipped with straps to brace a heavy load. And, with the Torq e-bike, the load is hardly noticeable insofar as traction and balance are concerned. My only quibble is that they are fiddly to unfasten from the rear rack – you can rest assured that no one’s going to steal them in a hurry. Once they’re on, I leave them on!

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