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You may find these fine German tyres at your local shop but we stock a few just so you can be sure to get this kind of OEM replacement quality. the 700mm x38  Marathon-plus tyre  is not available in NZ elsewhere and it is the ideal size for the Torq and Torq Alfine. We stock it. For those of you who know the difference, Schwalbe Marathon-plus tyres are the best puncture resistant touring/commuter  tyre out there. They are truly tough and long wearing. Marathons are almost slash proof and they accept high pressure, so your wheels are protected. They also have reflective striping around the perimeter, making you light up at night effectively. Double wall construction (i cant figure out how they manufacture this!) allows a sealing layer between. This is very effective way to improve reliability and pleasure while riding. .we stock these Schwalbe Marathon Plus tyres in the sizes below. All are priced the same. 20'x 1.75 , all around road/ commuter. (found on Streets and Carros) 26 x 2.1 knobby off-road tyre 26"x 1.75 all-around touring/ rail-trail / commuter version. (found on Sprints) 26 inch x 1.75 Marathon Plus Tour (has off-road tread but good on roads as well. 28 inch (700mm) x 38mm Marathon Plus (found on Torq Alfine and standard Torq) 26 inch x 2.35 Rock Razor tyres (not technically a Marathon series but has kevlar puncture resistance) (found on Raptors)  


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