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Our Powerhouse mid-drive unit has silent operation and a pedigree of thousands of successful conversions from standard and mountain bike frames. We are not the only NZ vendors to carry this BBS01 motor, ( Lekkie kits are the same motor/controls) but we are the only ones to link it to the remarkable Kinetic battery series. Our charger is also far superior to the typical slow chargers sold by others. Our standard kit includes the Kintetic 400 watt hour battery with optional upgrade to 700 watt hour battery. Both come with our 3 amp output fast charger or our 12 volt car charger.

Mid-drives have certain advantages, and this is the best of the mid-drive conversion units, but you should look at our Kinetic conversion packages for the advantages of Kinetic hub motor systems, which are many. Before you decide this is for you, i would encourage you to try our hi-torque planetary drive hub-motors, because they offer better overall operation and ease of use. They are also the race winners in the world class contests out of Milan and Germany. That way you can make an informed choice on which model is best for you. Most commuters will pick our dual wheel drive  hub motors for commuting and general use, in part because it allows internal gearing in the rear hub. Off-roaders will like the centralized weight and the motor power running through the rear gearing on your bike. This gives a small advantage on steeper hills but does add wear to the chain and sprockets.

This is the BBS01 unit that has given good service to thousands of conversion customers. We have electronically tuned this powerful motor to make it the legal limit for power in NZ, and it has plenty of hill climbing power when run thru gearing at the rear wheel, either  internal or external gearing. We have NuVinci rear hub geared wheels that make a remarkable step-less power  transfer and perhaps the ultimate in intuitive control. Please inquire about those wheels/gears.

The conversion process is straightforward but does require bottom bracket bike tools. We can supply these tools or you can have any bike shop remove crank arms and bottom bracket on your bike to install this marvel of modern manufacturing. This conversion kit fits all wheel sizes and virtually all bike frames. Contact us for expert consideration of your bike’s conversion possibility.

The controller is integrated inside the motor case, so a cleaner install is impossible. helical drive gearing makes for quiet and smooth transfer of power to the front pedals and with a little help from you, you’ll be flying!

Our mid-drive kits are based priced with our 11 amp hour rack or frame mount battery (400 watt hours). These can be upgraded with the 525 watt hour frame mount battery (add $240) or with the 700 watt hour rack mount battery (including rack= $380 and incol addition to base price). Both are discounted as a package and include charger. Upgrading the capacity of your kit to the 700 watt hour frame mount battery adds a lot more range but not power. Motor will pull uphill very similarly with either capacity. All of these Kinetic batteries when coupled in a kit come with the 3 amp output charger or one can upgrade to a 5 amp output charger for 90 dollars extra. That makes our charging time faster than any brand available in NZ. We cant stress it enough how important it is to have short charging times when you are taking longer rides. Charging over lunch, for instance, can largely replenish the battery capacity. Top notch battery cells and BMS systems with a fast charger- standard on our kit purchases.

We stock these kits deeply  for immediate shipment to you.  Warranty is a full two years.

3 reviews for Mid-drive BBS01 conversion kit. 36 volt- 300 watt continuous rated+Kinetic lithium battery/charger

  1. “I have just finished the conversion of a small folding bike and whilst it was not exactly straightforward (because of small forks) I am writing to say that the support and assistance provided by Electric Bike Hub was second to none and the outcome also exceeded my expectations. Thanks again.” Hugh Skinner ARIBA MRIAI NZIA (ret)

  2. “I have ridden my ebike from your company for eight years now and it just now has needed a new part, and you had the part!”

  3. I just rode up to the Coppermine saddle for the first time of my 72 year old life. That’s 900 vertical meters over about 17 ks of uphill riding. My game leg limits the amount of grunt i get from my pedaling and without your e-bike conversion, i could not have done this climb, or many others i still want to do. I was amazed to see half the battery capacity was still available at the saddle of Coppermine. Those Sony cells are really amazing and the bike handles great!
    Murray H. Nelson

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Electric System
Interface "LCD screen displays battery charge and pedal assist level . Weather sealed has advanced functions for owner preference"
Motor 300W internally spiral gear reduction for quiet and long life operation
Controller Integrated housed controller with pedal sensor built in. Heat protected and sealed. Has clever operation to give intuitive rider experience
Battery Sold with a EU compliant 36 volt 470 watt hour lithium battery and charger. (Note- Electric Bike Hub stocks several battery options for frame or rear rack mount) These batteries are tested under UN 38.3 safety standards (required in the EU) and have advanced BMS (battery management systems) built in"
Charger 3 amp output (2amp with some battery choinces) Fast Charger with auto shutoff. Monitors condition of charge for perfect topping up
Computer "Built into the LED interface"
Maximum Speed "Speed is dependent on bike arrangement and rider logistics. On 700mm wheel bikes - it has adjustable power up to approximately 37 kph without pedaling. Higher speeds available with pedaling"
Range Up to 80 klms with our 15 amp hour battery. well over 100 klms achievable with 21 and 28 amp hour upgrade batteries
Power modes "5 levels of Pedal assist mode with throttle override".
Kit weight "Approximately 8kg not including Battery"
Frame size "Will fit an enormous array of frames that have cassette bearings in the bottom bracket (crank bearing). This includes most modern mountain and commuter bikes of medium or good quality".
Max rider weight "Because of gear reduction our mid drive can push heavy loads up hills (slows when climbing) Good for riders that have special frames special weight requirements and towing trailers." )