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This is the specially wound 200 rpm motor that won the Speci, Germany cargo bike race for 2015 and also 2014, beating all the German brands of motors. It is grunty and well behaved with the Kinetic intuitive controls. This is the same motor that also won the 7000km Sun Trip 2015 ebike race across Europe (with 250 rpm unit), beating the Bosch system riders (and other German brands) by two days! We have this motor in the 200 rpm version for cargo and off-road users, and the 250rpm version for commuter and touring riders.
We offer our conversion motor kits in front wheel or back wheel planetary hub motors.  In either wheel, you can choose from the standard 250 rpm (no load speed) wheel or the 200 rpm Hi-torque motor winding.  These choices are critical for some applications. The 250 rpm wheel is what comes on our commuter ebikes and is the best for general riding purposes (for most people).  This 250 rpm wheel gives a speed on flat ground without pedaling on a 26″ wheel of about 33 kph.  With the 28″ (700mm) wheel, the speed is about 36 kph without pedaling. For the 20″ wheel, the no load speed is about 28 kph.  With this 200rpm wheel, (offered in this listing) the top speed goes down about a fifth less than our standard wheel, but the torque goes up considerably.  This helps commercial operators or riders of exceptionally steep terrain to find their best assist within the 300 watt limit required by the NZTA for electric assist bikes. Note that our motors draw up to 700 watts on a steep hill climb, providing enormous assist, but run at much lower wattage on flat terrain. The top bike speed, without pedaling, on this 200 rpm motor is about 28 kph for the 26″ wheel and about 32 kph for the 700mm wheel. Your results may vary with your bike and particulars, but it is a great result, whatever you choose from our conversion packages.

These components have criss-crossed Europe, Africa, the Silk Road, climbed the Himalayas,  and now won the Sun Trip 7000 Km Race. The ongoing development of them over 13 years  has produced a refined and thrilling e-bike assist package.
You can test our motors for yourself at any of the 22 stocking Kinetic (eZee) shops around NZ.  Your performance will match the  Kinetic production bikes, so you know what you are getting;a heap of performance. All feature throttle override on five  levels of pedal assist selected from the monitor. All have watertight connections, weather-sealed components and

Your conversion starts with the choice of wheel/motor sizes. Our kits will convert   about 95% of bike frames.  We stock 300 watt (continuous wattage)(peak hill climbing watts are over 700)   in  front wheel sizes of 20″, 26″ , 27.5 and 700 mm (28″) .  These all have die cut planetary gearing on precision cut steel ring  gears. This is not generic Chinese equipment, unlike almost all equipment being sold in NZ today.

These wheels have custom double wall alloy rims, German Schwalbe puncture resistant tyre and tube mounted, Sweden’s Scanvik stainless 13g cargo bike spokes and our own ,race winning,  V-3 Hi-torque motor, integrated into the hub. The controller has redundant capacity with ample power for your assisted riding.

The battery choices we offer are bottle mount or rack mount. The bottle mount (mounts on any bolts in frame of bike, typically the bottle holder bolts) 400 or 540 watt hour Kinetic units that are fine quality with a great guarantee. For the rear rack Mount, the battery choices are our flat pack 400 watt hour or the big 700 watt hour (19 amp hour) reserves. This largest battery choice typically assists the rider on all day rides, often over 100 kilometers. The charger with the kit is 3 amps output. This is faster than the competition (also comes with our regular ebikes) and the charge time is reduced from any comparable kit offered in NZ today. Our batteries mount either on the bottle mount bolts (can be added) or on the rear rack area with our 20 kg rated rack.
All our batteries are UN38.3 drop and fire tested and have the  latest chemistry and Kinetic produced BMS on board.  The charger has twice the capacity of the typical charger (4 amp output). Contact us for your bike specific suggestions.

Tens of thousands of e-bike riders have used the  Kinetic (eZee) conversion gear to convert their bikes. We offer full options to make your bike into a grunty ebike. The conversion takes some a couple special bike tools and will usually take an average mechanically minded person 3 hours to install.  This includes the install of our extra features that make your ebike more enjoyable in the long run. You can have one of our shops install it for you which will also add a year to the warranty time. That makes a full 2 year warranty with our install option.

Our conversion kit is priced with everything you will need to convert your bike, right down to the ergo grips, the pedal sensor, left hand throttle for over-riding pedal assist , the power takeoff for lights (or accessories). Our hub motor kits come with the full wheel with Schwalbe Marathon-plus tyre, and the state of the art controller with five levels of pedal assist and throttle override (included). it has electric cut off brake levers included. Our kits also include the battery mounting rack or bracket, cable ties and full instructions (in PDF file form).

When you are building a bike your really plan to use, get e-bike equipment that is designed to go the distance.  Kinetic has been chosen by six NZ councils, rental organizations, The Auckland and Wellington NZTA offices, and continues to be the best value for your e-bike investment, though not the cheapest gear you can get. Go for performance, quality and value and we will not disappoint you.

Electric Bike Kit Installation Guide

1 review for 200 rpm-Hi-torque Kinetic (eZee) motor/wheel conversion package

  1. 5 out of 5

    The new motor (on commercial rickshaw) is fantastic!! It has a heap of grunt. We had
    over 200 kg all up and were able to still easily take on a
    reasonable (Dunedin) hill. I used it to do rides at a community event
    on Saturday, and was able to do quite a few km’s and not get
    tired at all. On the rickshaw, the 2nd power setting was
    about right for the speed of the pedals (single speed
    system) I only went up in power setting when taking on a bit
    more slope. Steve W. Dunedin

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Battery "LG 36V 11Ah 5C rating.. 11 amp hour (400 watt hour ) standard with 19 amp hours (700 watt hour) upgrade
Motor eZee 300 watt  200 rpm   front or rear  hub motor
Controller "eZee 20A . 36 "
Panel eZee KK LED 2 x 5
Throttle left or right hand half-grip or thumb  throttle
Assistant sensor Double hall and 12 magnets
Charger "Hi-Power. 3 amp fast charger
Grips Velo
Rims Custom eZee  twin wall
Spokes Spokes - Shadar (Sandvik T302 stainless steel ) 13g x 36
Hubs 4 Sealed bearing "
Tires  Schwalbe Marathon Plus puncture resistant
Inner tubes  Schwalbe Rubber
Rim tapes Vee Rubber
Rack option : Al alloy
Rear light Spanninga Ruby (available as accessory)
Front light Spanninga Micro FF or L1000 (available as accessory)
Screws and nuts all stainless steel