Cyclists will be safer with Driver-less Cars.

Riding Bicycles will be Safer with Driverless Cars. Jace Hobbs
Cars don’t kill people, drivers do!
Fear not the driver-less car, bike riders. We tend to forget that the net connectedness of things adapts to all things. We are becoming aware that our appliances can benefit from web connectivity, but have we considered how our bicycle will also benefit?
In the bad old days of today, bike riders are often mixing with traffic that presents multiple hazards to them. Car doors can be opened in their path, lanes reserved for bikes are routinely crossed by cars, and let’s face it, drivers are not reliable safety partners for the cyclist. Drivers never will be good at avoiding bikers; that is the sad fact.
What we are just on the cusp of realizing, is bikes can be and will be connected too. Bikes will not just be on the radar of cars sensors, but will have the option of communicating their presence to traffic around them in real time. The cars will not open a door in the way of cyclists, because the cars will know that the cyclists is traveling into the path of the door. Cars will not cut the lane of the cyclists, because it will be more than obvious that cyclists are there. The reason cyclists will want to adopt the connectedness is very compelling, safety.
There is also the benefit of driver-less cars being more than likely electric. As any cyclist knows, they get a lungs’full of auto exhaust each time they ride. It really isn’t fair that those that pollute least (bicyclists) are most in line for the by-products of the modern car, similar to the fairness to underdeveloped countries being asked to avoid climate change, when they are least in line to create it.
The future of cycling is bright, and even brighter when cars and bikes get as smart as our phones. In the near future of cycling, helmets will not be mandatory, because car incidents will be rare. In the near future, you wont need to lock your bike, because it will be remotely disabled and located if any creep were to try to take it. In the near future, our bikes will help us find our way to where we are going, giving us advice on construction delays and time to destination. In the near future, Our roads and public places will be truly bike friendly. Embrace it!