Auckland Council selects Kinetic Sprints for their fleet ebike, making every NZ ebike fleet ebike from Kinetic and Electric Bike Hub

In a long and exhaustive survey of ebike technology and models available in NZ today, Auckland Council officials picked the Kinetic Sprint as the ebike for their new 2016 fleet. We at Kinetic can think of no better testimonial for you to consider than the constant success we That makes six NZ Councils and the NZ Transport Agencies. We have been selected for each and every Council fleet and for both NZ Transport fleets in Auckland and Wellington. We have maintained these high use ebikes for up to five years in Palmerston North, four years in New Plymouth. Celia Wade Brown picked our ebike for he Mayoral riding around Wellington and has ridden it for four years now. The list just goes on and on and will go on and on as we establish ourselves as the best ebike value in New Zealand. I think the expert's choice should influence your choice and is a testimonial in itself.